Service overview

A consultation with a trained genetic counsellor or a cancer specialist exploring the medical, genetic and psychological factors associated with cancer genetic testing, predisposition to certain cancers like Breast or Colon cancer as well as familial cancer risk.

Is this for you?

  • You have had a cancer genetic test done, and would like to discuss your results.
  • You want to know if you should get a cancer predisposition genetic test like BRCA
  • You want to know if you should get a genetic analysis for your cancer (tumor profiling tests like Foundation medicine) and if such test may have an impact on your treatment plan.
  • You are not sure about the benefit or your candidacy for a cancer genetic test that you have been prescribed.
  • You have recently been diagnosed with cancer and are worried about your family members.
  • You have a strong family history of cancer and want to know if you should investigate your risk through genetic testing.

What will you get?

A better understanding of:

  • The results of a cancer genetic test you received
  • Your genetic risk of developing a specific cancer.
  • Which genetic test you can do to determine cancer predisposition.
  • Genetic cancer screening
  • Your potential cancer inheritance pattern.
  • Potential guidance on options for cancer prevention and risk reduction.
  • Guidance on how to speak to other family members about what you have learnt in your session.

Session duration

30 minutes

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